Redwood Lake Complex Fire Information & announcements

• 24-Hour Fire Hotline (707) 467-6428
• Click here for Mendocino County Fire Information

Critical weather warnings, Office of Emergency Services alerts, advisories and warnings, major developments and public announcements, are posted on the following sites:
Mendocino County's Facebook Page
Mendocino Sheriff's Facebook Page
Mendocino Sheriff's Twitter Account

Search Tips

When typing in the search box the system will try to find selections for you. This explains the list of terms you are given. These are Taxonomy Terms (Services Terms) that are currently tagged to resources in the resource database.

Search All Fields (Default)
This search function will bring up results containing the words you have entered from anywhere in the resource database, including Taxonomy Terms (Service Terms eg: Food Pantries, Soup Kitchens)

Search Names
This search function will bring up only the Names of Agencies and Programs.

  • Enter the agencies name or service term and hit search
  • Agency/program appears in the search results.
  • Click on the agency/program name and it will take you to your record.
  • The screen you will see will be the agency or program Overview
  • The Section labeled Programs will have a links to the additional Programs/Services provided within the agency