Why 2-1-1 Mendocino is Important...

In the event of a local, state-wide or national disaster, 9-1-1 services are often overwhelmed with callers in need of help. One of the great purposes of 2-1-1 is to offset some of those calls so that police, fire and emergency medical care workers are deployed quickly and efficiently.

Callers needing shelter, food, clothing etc in an emergency are able to call 2-1-1 to recieve the appropriate resources deployed in their area for their immediate need.

2-1-1 works just as efficiently for non-emergency calls. If an individual is in crisis searching this website, they can definitely gather relevant information on resources in their area. Calling the 2-1-1 Mendocino Center gives individuals the opportunity to obtain information on their primary and ancillary needs that might not be top of mind in the moment. Callers can connect with a person to guide them through the options and help them get all of their needs met in a single phone call.


You can help 2-1-1 Mendocino give accurate referrals by making sure your agency's information is up-to-date and notifiying us of any changes when they happen. Look for your agency on the site and tell us about all the things you do.

Adding a program for your agency into the 2-1-1 Mendocino database is as simple as filling out a form (found on the Agency Database Page) and sending it to By keeping us informed, the exposure of your organization will be increased, as will the number of clients who know about your services.

Together, we can offer an information and referral system that will meet the needs of our geographically diverse region.